Rapidshare premium account

This morning, wake up..check my email and i have seven unread messages.
one of them is from rapidshare customer service via the rs reseller, alfosool.com

edit: here is part of the message

the account has been locked because it was suspected of account sharing.
We have checked the account and it seems that only one person is using it.
Therefore we have unlocked the account.

RapidShare AG

Dies ist eine vertrauliche Nachricht und nur für den Adressaten bestimmt. Es ist nicht erlaubt, diese Nachricht zu kopieren oder Dritten zugänglich zu machen. Sollten Sie irrtümlich diese Nachricht erhalten haben, bitte ich um Ihre Mitteilung per E-Mail oder unter der oben angegebenen Telefonnummer.

heh..i know its not my fault..base on the email, they had suggested me to contact TMNET STREAMYX regarding this problem..they suspect that the ISP keep changing the IP address..

anyone can help me on this?
rapidshare locked my account because suspect me sharing the account by checking the ip address of the downloader. if they detect different ip adresses, they will lock the account.

any other user had this problem? care to share the best way to download using rapidshare premium account?

thank you


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