Manhattan Fish Market @ Autocity, Juru

Happy Independence Day Malaysia :)

after kimi & darklight post at their blog about MFM, i decided to go to Manhattan Fish Market at autocity, Juru to break fast.

For starters and appetizers, we choose the Fried Country Mushrooms.


yummmy~ :D *puasa puasa* haha :p


i call this, the universal dip~ *shiiiing*

Than, we ordered the Manhattan Chowder. Yesterday soup-of-the-day is salmon. They also have the clam and seafood chowder.


it has a fancy taste though. i don't know how to describe it. but not my personal favorite.

and for the main dish, we ordered the Ramadhan promotion set. Satis-Fish-ion set for 2.


*click image for larger viewing pleasure*

2 sides that we had chosen are the Garlic Butter Rice and the chips


here come the waiter to fired up the prawns. oh my, the creamy sauces thingy is marvelous. the prawns are my favorite. :D


the complete-large potion-set for 2. *if you're a girl, please bring 1 more friend. the portion is too much to handle.*

we ended up did not touch the chips at all..huu~

+ the chips is not that good :p

and for the dessert, brownie with chocolate ice cream.


you can choose to have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

and now come the best part..the total damage for our break fast yesterday


RM63.60 the Ramadhan set
RM8.90 Salmon Chowder
RM9.90 Fried country mushrooms
±tax and service

Grand total : RM94.75

For the price we pay, both of us leave MFM satisfied~

MFM Juru AutoCity
Lot No. 1825-G-1
Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City Northsouth Highway
Juru Interchange
13600 Prai, Penang

Tel : 04-5018 668

ps: kak juls, sila jeles.. :D
ps2 : incik kimi, bila mau buka puasa sama2 plak? :p

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