Fast Update #2

Nothing much to blog about. just wanna share some funny stuff..

yesterday when to the post office with my parent. while waiting for our turn, we went to the market beside the post office.

and then, came a voice of an old man shouting, "mari-mari sayur-sayur, harga boleh runding" (u can negotiate to buy the vegetables from him).. haha..

here's taken from xperteleven mailbox..

"Silverio Vaqueriza has been given a medal for bravery by the king after saving his cat from a tree. This has made the player so happy, proud and stuck-up that he has completely forgotten to train all week. He loses some form." wtf~

2 Response to "Fast Update #2"

  1. Zack says: plak aku nyer X11 mailbox~

    At a party Borintjov Varlamovski hears about the Guinness record for sitting the longest time up in a tree. The person who holds the current record climbed up a tree back in 1968 and is still up there. Despite this the player gets it into his head that he can beat the record and climbs up the nearest apple tree. However after just a few hours he has sobered up and climbs down again.

    d2z says:

    @zack haha..pelik2 tul aa geng x11 nih..ntah apa2..yg aku x puas ati tu dia loss form sbb selamatkan kucing dia..ish2

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