it's being a while..

it's being quite a long time (i mean very long..approx 3 years) I'm using this shoes to play futsal/football/'jogging'/basketball..and with those force being applied on all of the shoe's surface, now it had became like this..

(sorry for the inconvenient picture..haha
look at those 'tapak kasut'(base of the shoes)..there is an absolutely gorgeous hole..

today, i don't need your service anymore China brand shoes..
i present to u, this freaking ugly shoes from China Vietnam..

4 Response to "it's being a while.."

  1. Ky the great yg ada presentation esok says:

    asli ke?

    d2z says:

    @ky ntah la..beli dekat butik nike dekat pacific tu

    ky yg frust dgn presentation yg mengong says:


    d2z says:

    @ky asli~

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