I'm a universal Genius

for the title...haha..now it's ur turn..

IQ Test Score

here's the ranking..

Far Below Average -> Below Average -> Around Average -> Very Smart ->Extremely Brilliant -> Bright Mastermind -> a Regional Genius -> a Universal Genius

test it now at testriffic..post ur score..

ps: i dont use ANY pencil, pen, paper, calculator, or any other thing..just use mouse to click for my answer..

2 Response to "I'm a universal Genius"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hoho..sedey oo..i tried to take the test..after finished they asked me to login..so i created a new account..it kept syaing dat my username had been used for like 10 times.i tried using diferrent usernames.it kept repeating da same ting.so im so frustrated..nak tau my resulttt..huuu..culd u try to make me an account..plsss...

    d2z says:

    @anonymous huh..? try again..use ur genius brain to pick username..maybe u can try genius1234, useurbrain1234, wthuaskingme1234, be genius, or dont take the test..cheers~

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