School of Aerospace Field Trip

charge ipod, psp, camera [x]
pack my bag [x]
breafast [ ]
lock the door [x]
take my bath [x]

:p enough with the crap, let us take a look on the schedule of this field trip

29 January 2009
7.45am - depart from USM
1.00pm - Rest at The Mall [wtf] haha
2.00pm - Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency
5.00pm - Head to Kolej Alamanda Uitm Shah Alam
8.30pm - Mid Valley [wtf] haha

30 January 2009
9.00am - Aeroprecision Resources
12.30pm - rest at Subang Airport
5.00pm - Back to Kolej Alamanda Uitm Shah Alam

31 January 2009
8.00am - Checkout from Kolej Alamanda Uitm Shah Alam
9.30am - Times Square & Lowyat..[ early..the shop open already?]

if u wanna meet me, go at the rite place, at the right time..changing of schedule is not under my control.. :p

ps : look like shopping trip to me..hehe..
ps2 : when you read this post, i already on the bus.
ps3 : i hope i can get ps3 one day.
ps4 : its out already?

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