How To Get Newspaper As Low As RM0.50

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
I ate two apples today, so i hope i can make the doctor lose their job

"click on the image to see the full size and the details.." this is why i hate picasa.. :p

here is the example of one of the newspaper in Malaysia. The Star. If you want to get low price newspaper, do get the newspaper from ebrowse by bluehyppo.

as u can see, it's like the real thing, only better.. agree? I know you can go to the online newspaper website to read the latest news, but it is not the same. You cant get the feeling like reading the real newspaper. trust me.

if you get this ebrowse newspaper, you can get all the version of you can see, there is different version of metro in the star. You get all version of it. Isn't it better than others?

30days archived for you to read and store.

how to get RM0.50 newspaper? You do the math..

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