FifaOnline2 Screenshots

Did you notive the advertisement about FifaOnline2? I went to 7eleven and bought this dvd. actually you can download it for free..but since i'm lazy and internet in my house always disconnect..i bought this dvd for rm2..i dunno popular give it for free or they charge rm2..mayb you should try get it from there..

UPDATE: this is the fifaonline2 website

this is the interface where you login your id and password is ********* :p

create team..Right now i'm using Manchester City.. (matnoq, MC fifa x kuat mcm pes..haha)

the installation and registration is really easy.

i already play 3 multiplayer games and i won 2 and lost 1..hoho..(i beat Level 19 people..i'm only at Level 0 at that time..)

This is the online league that i against the computer actually and very easy..

after a while, it disconnect..damn..actually it is not coming from the is from the freaking modem..omg..belkin, please come home early..(my father went to kl and RMA new belkin modem..)

what is the point you score 6-1 if the result cant be sent to

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