CJ7 and KL trip~ (happy birthday to her..)

today is her birthday..yay!!

remember the CJ7 i'm thinking to give to her as a birthday present..?

mission accomplished..hehe..
i ordered online for this medium size CJ7, and 1 dead CJ7..
cost me around err..plus postage around RM60..there is 1 more..small CJ7..
that one is for my nephew..

i need a DSLR..or at least a digital camera..not a super mighty crappy phone camera..

yeah..and she like it very much..and for the CJ7, she styled it's 'hair' to become like me..hehe..

Here's the not so "surprise" for her..1st i crumpled a piece of paper and then i put it on her hand..and then i ask her to close her eyes..i take back the crumpled paper and make it to original..err..or should i say i 'un'crumple(dont know a suitable work for this..help me lol) it..haha..put the CJ7 in front of her and said.."open your eyes..did u know how this paper can "uncrumple" back?"..lol..and she take the CJ7 and styled its hair..and i do it again, and this time, i changed the CJ7 with the dead 1..haha..that's all..


okay, i'm off to kl this morning at 9am..will be there until friday..and this afternoon will go to lowyat plaza to buy new computer..cant wait..grrrr

ps: i really want to improve my english writing..tq~ :D

4 Response to "CJ7 and KL trip~ (happy birthday to her..)"

  1. u need dslr?
    beli la nik..
    aku sdh x mampu..sob2

    d2z says:

    aku pon x mampu la zack..wahaha..aku mahu penaja..mari2 menaja aku..

    Ky says:

    suruh hana beli dslr.
    tadi dia tanya ky dslr berapa rm
    tapi d2 tak leh aaahh amik dslr tuh
    amik ixus dia bleh aaa kot.
    ky kalau nak beli lambat lagi...
    boleh bagi sony tu jer lah
    kalu nak bagi pung...

    maybe jer lah.

    d2z says:

    ky bagi ja laa camera apa pon..senang sikit..hee~

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