FINALLY...examination week

IT'S GONNA BE OVER!!! this coming
damn, why others finished their exam in 14..18 april..
gud luck for me..last paper..the Fluid Mechanics.. *sigh~


anyway, did u guys watch stephen chow's movie called CJ7..?

this is the CJ7..kinda cute i think..

Am i cute..?

i wanna buy this CJ7 'doll' as a birthday present for what do u guys think..?
she's gonna love it or not..? anyway, her fav colour is i think this is not a bad idea~

3 Response to "FINALLY...examination week"

  1. KY says:

    CJ7 cute lah, buy!!! :D

    d2z says:

    bought it already..cant wait for it to arrived..will blog about it later..

    d2z says:

    anyway ky, u are the same person with ?

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