Pikom PC Fair & Forgetting Sarah Marshall

As usual, i dont wanna miss the Pikom PC Fair II which was held at Penang International Sports Arena(PISA). This is the 2nd time i went there while i'm studying at USM. As usual, we plan to go at 10am. and then, the driver woke up at 11am and told us that we will go there at 12noon..

Arrive at PISA at around 1.45pm..went there to buy Xbox 360 controller for windows(pc version,Look around all the booth and finally cant found it. dem..i wanna go PC fair at KLCC..

should i change my phone?

I also saw a FEW lens and camera there..Olympus if i'm not mistaken..

Lastly, end up bought this:
USB fans & Logitech Rumblepad 2

after that, went to queensbay and watch this movie..

WARNING : The movie is rated R for (strong male and some female) nudity, sex scenes, language and alcohol use discussion about drugs. It is not recommended for young children.

I'm going to be honest, this movie is quite funny with hot girls like Kristen Bell(Sarah Marshall) & Mila Kunis(Rachel Jansen). My friend always says that Mila Kunis is really cute..he repeat it again and again..hehe..sorry matnoq..but i think Kristen Bell is cuter..

Mila Kunis
Kristen Bell

Krister Bell > Mila Kunis..
agree? haha

Synopsis : imdb.com[spoiler alert!!]

7 Response to "Pikom PC Fair & Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

  1. KYana says:

    Hang tak jumpa cari Xbox 360 controller kakak hang pulak nak kena p beli kat lowyat nuunn. aduh lah. dah la tak kenai rupa ishhkk ishhkk

    Mila Kunis the same girl that act in 70's show kan??...cute but her voice is kinda annoying~~~ sorry noooo :D

    Zack says:

    forgetting sarah marshall!!
    kristen bell!!
    kristen bell > mila kunis =P
    tgh tngu dok download cita nie..lembap la plak.huhu

    hana-who-watch-lotta-olympic games says:

    tak kenai pun sapa depa. lin dan lagi cute. lol

    callister says:

    owh i have to agree with ur fren..
    mila kunis is cuter. even my bf said so. and for me kristen bell is just like typical american blonde girl..
    there's many girl out there like her..
    no offense..

    nikillas says:

    x tgk pn lg citer ni..
    ada ada dah dalam simpanan HDD..
    wat bekal cuti minggu depan..

    kristen bell..??
    blakon dalam heroes tu eh..
    the electric girly..

    mila kurnis.??
    blakon dalam the 70's shows kan..
    pompuan yg ala² bijak tapi ala² dumb tu kan..

    lawa lagi maya karin~~~

    d2z says:

    @ky ala..kat kl pon xda jgak..huu..Mila Kunis tu x penah pon..haha

    @zack da tgk kat zack? bila da tgk wayang..balik2 usm tgk ada org share da..haha..amek kat aku ja weh..dvd rip gak..

    @hana tgk ja laa olimpik tu..nnt da nk balik russia..hahaha

    d2z says:

    @callister typical blonde girl=paris hilton=not so smart? haha

    @nikillas thanx for the info..aku pon xtau..haha

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