Fast update #4

For fast update this time, just want to show you guys where 'usually' i'll park my motorcycle..

the scooter is not mine
sorry for the dark picture..lazy to edit the picture..

So, do you have a jet and a helicopter in your garage like me? hee~

i had bought Crossroad portable PLD Amp which cost me around RM***(i am officially broke ) and now it's on its way..

cant wait to test it on my X3i and Beyer Dynamic DT231 and see the different..woot~

8 Response to "Fast update #4"

  1. nikillas says:

    eh.. ye ke ko parking kat situ..
    xde nampak pun..

    d2z says:

    @nikillas aku parking time pegi kuliah ja..x g kuliah ka..? hehe..

    hana says:

    jumpa cj tujuh atas comp desk. untuk hana ka?????

    d2z says:

    @Hana nope~!!

    nikillas says:

    for the 2nd time aku x nampak pun motor kat situ.. aku ada nampak keta kancil je bawah flight tu eh.. nguahahaha...

    d2z says:

    @nikillas waa..aku kena saman dengan pak guard..sbb tu aku x parking dah kat situ..hehe..*tipu ja

    ps: tadi sudah nampak encik nikillas baru pas meeting kat foyer..

    nikillas says:

    nampak aku..?? ngehehe.. ape pasal hagn x tegur.. nanti leh kenal-kenalan.. ngohohoho..

    d2z says:

    @nikillas aku pon ada meeting gak time tu..hee~

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