Francis Turbine experiment

UPDATE : anyone want the example of the lab report can leave me ur email to me:


yay!! yesterday, i had done this Francis turbine experiment..

okay, 1st, we switch on the experiment rig. and then, there is a leakage..and then the technician cant help to repair it. and then, the 'lecturer' is not there. the phd student dont know about the experiment because he just substitute the's how we take the reading..just snap the picture..

we had this data..

and then today i had sent the report to the lecturer..and i argue with him about the leakage of the experimental rig which affect our experiment..that's all..hee~

to overcome all the stresses doing the lab report, i went to kfc and buy snake plate+zinger burger+drink and drive..(drink pepsi only)

9 Response to "Francis Turbine experiment"

  1. Anonymous says:

    pening² aku tgk gambar nombor² tu.. haha..

    skarang keals dan lab pun dah start.. semua akan mula busy dengan report dan assignment.. haha..

    hana says:

    is that how you spell snack?ngehehehe

    d2z says:

    @nikillas baru pulih dari masalah internet kat usm..haha..lab kali nih 'best' skit..sbb apa pon x blajar lg..ampeh tul..sapa laa set silibus course aku neh..

    @hana x paham laa..sorry..hee~

    callister says:

    weh menatang ape 2..
    xpenah belajar pun..

    d2z says:

    @callister sejenis turbine yg menjana arus elektrik..hee~

    dinpro says:

    aaarrr!!! oit!!! nie experimen 4 keRr??? aaarrr!!! esk aku experimen 4 matila aku...!!! ramai gile nombor... hahahaa...

    d2z says:

    @dinpro x ah..tu xperiment 1..rilek2..hee~

    azima_az says:

    yummy. kfc.

    d2z says:

    @azima kfc x yg tu ja yg ada kat sini..huu~

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