Home + 450D + Sigma 18-200

yeah..finally i'm home~!!!!
here's what happened yesterday:
6.00pm - go to the workshop and adjust my side mirror which always loose and check the tire pressure, tension of the chain..
6.30pm - begin the journey through PLUS highway + put some petrol.. lol
7.25pm - arrived at RnR Gurun and straight away go to KFC
7.38om - bought Zinger burger, milo ice, and wedges..eat the wedges only and put some petrol at CALTEX petrol station
7.50pm - continue eating..hee~
8.05pm - continue my journey to the south~
8.33om - arrived in one piece at my home sweet home~..

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin~!!

from me~ LOL at my hair..shi~ (this is an old picture~)(this is oso my gravatar picture..)(note to azima - i have my picture.. :p)

my desktop

my 'psp-until-raya-only'
finally test the wifi on the psp..hehe..cool huh~

okay..i only put them in my bag..so good in organizing the wires/cables/camera/etc rite? haha

that's all~

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