My 'NEW' Pencil Case

Ehem, this entry is a bit disgusting for those(exspecially girls who always have clean pencil case or box or anything else that you store your stationary.)

This is the since secondary school pencil case until university pencil case..
its actually a small bag that came with a big bag..haha..i dont know is it for pencil case or not..but the big bag my father used it to customized it to be laptop bag..just add some sponge and more sponges~

ps: he also make his own Camera bag..creative rite my cool~..

and, here's my new psp pencil case~..
psp style..or is it real psp inside there? who know~..

8 Response to "My 'NEW' Pencil Case"

  1. nikillas says:

    haha.. ni kemaruk PSP dah ni.. hahaha...

    d2z says:

    @nikillas > aku da try da psp gak..cuma gambar ja x bpa tennis best..haha

    KY says:

    psp craze..colour merah ky tgk cantik...ohhh psp...oohhh psp
    jom share jom.

    d2z says:

    KY > ya2..deep red..cantik2..bli laa dlu..tnggu org bg adiah ja..hee~

    callister says:

    smart la plak dah aku tgk pencil case mcm ni...
    sian ko kemaruk nk psp..

    d2z says:

    callister > haha..xpa..dah x kemaruk dah..da men da pon..hee~

    awat aku xpenah nampak hng bawak pencil case itu pon..hak3

    d2z says:

    ala..ang kelas lain..aku kelas lain..mana laa nmpk..aku kn klas bwh2 ja..wahaha~

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